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Developers - Builders, Inc

255 East Woodland Ave. Springfield, PA 19064

Office: 610-690-2901

Direct: 610-476-2399

Fax: 610-690-8006

Insured & Bonded
PA HIC # 061545

Insured & Bonded
PA HIC # 061545

DB enterprises has been in business for more than 22 years, servicing Delaware, Montgomery
and Chester Counties, as well as the Pennsylvania / New Jersey / Delaware Tri-State areas.

We have built everything from residential developments to commercial properties. DB has built single family homes and track townhouse projects for private and public use. DB has built infrastructures sewer and water lines for public and private roads. DB is an excavating and full service local construction company. DB has installed hundreds of sewer and water lines. DB is a top leading builder in Delaware County constantly producing quality work with dedication and integrity, regardless of size of job. DB's development for the past few years include Springfield Knoll, Springfield Chase, Woodland Hollow and Willow Bay. Each one of these homes has sewer and water lines that have been installed by DB Enterprises.
DB Enterprises' Professional Staff are Fully Trained in the Most
Current Methods in Horizontal Directional Drilling Technology.

Doug Neff -
"I have been involved with construction for 25 years. I've been with DB Enterprises for 8 years. My specialty is to identify underground lines, utilities, locations for directional drilling operation. My mission is to give the best job possible to the customer regardless of the size, big or small. This is the attitude of DB Enterprises and that is why we are successful."

James Panella -
"I am an excavator. I have been operating heavy equipment and installing sewer lateral since 1973. I am trained to operate directional drilling machine. I've been with DB Enterprises for 5 years. I believe no matter what you do in life, if it is worth doing it, you give it your 100% and that shows in DB Enterprises past and present projects. This is every ones way of thinking at DB."

Eric Clark -
"I have been with DB Enterprises for 16 years. I am trained by Astec company to work with directional drilling equipment. I have installed hundreds of lateral during the time and I have been with DB Enterprises for developments. We built neighborhoods.